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Contents First Inc. (founded 2013) is the company operating Tappytoon, a digital-first webtoon and webnovel platform that has amassed over 8 million readers around the world.

Since August 2016, Tappytoon has changed how today's most savvy generation of audiences gets immersed in engrossing stories and connects with the most talented storytellers on a daily basis. Born in Korea but global-first, and mobile-first, the content and operations are centered on serving English and Western language audiences (including French and German).

Building upon the explosive success of Tappytoon and burgeoning demand for new modes of storytelling “invented in Korea”, Contents First has developed an extensive premium library of original IP through its ecosystem of industry-leading webtoon and webnovel creators.

Contents First continues to innovate on how new stories in a variety of genres and formats will transcend the bounds of pages and screens to captivate audiences everywhere.


  • 2022.11

    Tappytoon surpasses 7 million registered users of its website and mobile apps for webcomics and webnovels.

  • 2022.03

    Contents First acquires two leading productions, Maru Studio and CNC Revolution, and also establishes a joint venture with Redice Studio for further creation of top-notch webtoons and industry-leading IP.

  • 2021.08

    The Tappytoon platform expands to service webnovels, or serial text-based stories, many of which were the basis for its hit webtoons. Readers can now easily enjoy both formats of their favorite stories in one app.

  • 2021.07

    After years of know-how in serving Tappytoon's loyal fanbase through distribution and localization of licensed titles, Contents First establishes 'Tappytoon Studio' in-house for creating new original webtoons and owned IP production.

  • 2020.07

    Answering to strong demand from fans in Europe, Tappytoon launches French and German language service of select webtoon titles. 2 months later, Tappytoon is the #1 grossing Comics category app in France (Android).

  • 2020.02

    As Contents First pioneers the explosion of Korean webtoons going global, Tappytoon is ranked #1 in Android app Comics category in the US and several European countries, while reaching Top 5 in iPhone app Book category.

  • 2016.08

    Tappytoon pivots to an app-based webtoon platform with licensed and exclusive distribution of key titles from Korea's most prominent webtoon and comics publishers. 90% of the titles have been translated into English for the first time.

  • 2015.06

    With tablets and smartphone adoption on the rise, Tappytoon is launched as a 'motion comic' app featuring animated effects on a handful of curated titles.

  • 2013.01

    Contents First Inc. is founded to surface and promote digital, entertainment, and game projects from Korea to a wider global audience


We connect the world through Tappytoon

Tappytoon is a premier digital-first comics and web novel platform with a readership of 8 million in 241 countries, offering the most comprehensive collection of Korean webtoons and web novels in the industry, across all genres. Currently available in English, French, and German.


Launched in August 2016 with a tailored and curated library of premium stories, our global content platform Tappytoon has grown rapidly at an average of over 200% per year. It has since served over 450 million chapter views and reached 8.5 million app downloads, establishing it as a leader and tastemaker in digital entertainment.

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We inspire the world with Stories

Contents First discovers original stories through its own studio and network of affiliates, producing new web novels and webtoons. Bolstered by enthusiastic and dedicated fans, the IPs produced are actively expanding through adaptation into animation, TV dramas, movies, games, and more.


Boasting decades of industry leadership, our studios create visually striking and emotionally impactful storytelling through original IPs and brand new content for fans both on and off the Tappytoon platform.

CNC Revolution
  • CNC Revolution-0
  • CNC Revolution-1

Founded in 2001, C&C Revolution has served as both a prolific webtoon production company as well as an agency managing top named artists and writers. It has produced hundreds of IP including <Bloody Sweet>, <Imitation> and <My Gently Raised Beast>. Tappytoon acquired C&C Revolution in April 2022, and plans to exclusively unveil its lineup.

MARU Comics
  • MARU Comics-0
  • MARU Comics-1

Specializes in romance and fantasy, with over 60 webtoons such as <I Got Pregnant with a Tyrant's Child>, <Race to Steal the Emperor's Heart>, and < I'll Marry Him>. Tappytoon acquired Maru Comics in March 2022 and plans to accelerate its capacity by expanding its female-oriented focus.

Studio Alive
  • Studio Alive-0
  • Studio Alive-1

A joint venture established in February 2022 with Redice Studio, makers of numerous global mega-hits such as <Solo Leveling>, <Overgeared>, and <Tomb Raider King>. Studio Alive is a global-oriented label of Redice Studio, and plans to produce fantasy and original webtoons.

TT Studio
  • TT Studio-0
  • TT Studio-1

A webtoon studio established in 2022 by Tappyoon. Based on the know-how of serving Tappytoon fans and readership, Tappytoon Studio plans to produce differentiated contents for its global readers.

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